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INNOCHEM - Measure 1.2 POIR (Operational Program Innovative Economy) "Sectoral R&D Programs"

 INNOCHEM sectoral program aims to improve the competitive position of the Polish chemical sector on world markets by strengthening its capacity to generate innovative solutions in cooperation with the science sector by the year 2023.

The Program focuses on the following thematic areas:

. Sourcing of raw materials;

. Manufacturing of basic products;

. Manufacturing of specialty products;

. New technologies;

. Horizontal areas (optimization of conducted processes, low-emission manufacturing technologies).


Polymemtech realizes the project entitled: "Development of new technology of exploitation of unconverted oil from the hydrocracking process using a filtration system."

The project is carried out by the Consortium:

1. LOTOS SA Group - Project leader

2. Polymemtech Sp. z o.o.


The value of the project: 8 846 751 PLN

The value of the grant: 5 887 647 PLN

The project is funded by NCBR under the INNOCHEM, Measure 1.2 PO IR, Agreement number POIR.01.02.00-0032/16


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